but that doesn’t have to be all it is.

Through a new kind of recovery space, Retired Party Girl’s mission is to empower sober womxn to stay sober and be social.

We educate womxn on the dangers of alcohol and big alcohol marketing culture while creating a safe space for womxn to share their stories, fears and accomplishments in sobriety.


RPG is where you will meet and support your sober sisters.


We're changing the way society views sobriety by making recovery and wellness spaces exciting, fun, social and empowering.

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Becca Gracey
Host of RPGay - A monthly meeting for LGBTQ+ folx in the RPG community.
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Tyler Kearney-Good
Host of Rhythm and Resistance - An RPG Social Justice Group.
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Meaghan Goliday
Host of Super Sober Soul Sundays twice a month - A goal setting and community building meeting.
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Grace Smith 
Host of "All My Single Humans" - A virtual meeting for consciously single sober babes twice a month .
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Sarah Mckinnon
Host of Super Sober Soul Sundays - an intentional community building meeting starting in April 2021

The Retired Party Girl


Tori Felder has helped create space for thousands of womxn who are ready to give up alcohol and pursue their truth in sobriety and wellness through her Instagram @TheRetiredPartyGirl.


Tori has a degree in Applied Behavioral Sciences and Social and Human Services. Tori has studied Psychology, Social Work, Gender Roles, Counseling and Addiction through her course work and is a proud recipient of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for four years. 


After ten years of the party lifestyle, Tori gave up alcohol a day before the new year 2020 and has found her truth and community through sobriety. She is passionate about helping other womxn to do the same. 

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